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Custom Boat Covers by Westland®

Protect your investment with Westland’s collection of custom boat covers. Essential to increase the longevity of your boat, our quality boat covers will provide protection when you boat needs it most. Fend off harsh marine elements, wear and tear during transportation, and the sun’s rays with quality fabric. As always, “We’ve Gotcha Covered™”.

Westland’s boat covers are proudly handsewn with Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® marine fabrics. Make sure you select your boat, make and model in our Cover Wizard™ to ensure you will get that tight fit in an instant.

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Cover Wizard™

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What Style is your Boat?

Center/Side Consoles

Single-decked and open hull boats with consoles located in the center or on the side. Consoles house all of the controls, like the radio and steering column.

Center/Side Console Boat Covers

Powerboats that provide ample room for passengers inside of the watercraft. Cruisers are designed for leisure use.

Cruiser Boat Covers
Cuddy Style Boats

Recreational boats with a small cabin on deck. These boats are not usually large enough to stand on and anglers sometimes use them as near-shore fishing boats.

Cuddy Boat Covers
Fishing Boats

Recreational fishing boat, these boats are used for in-shore or off-shore fishing. Specific types include bass boats, flats boats, and fish n' ski boats.

Fishing Boat Covers

Lightweight, yet stable, these boats are constructed with a solid hull and flexible tubes. Used for recreation or racing.

Inflatable/Dinghy Boat Covers
Jet Boats

Engineless boats that are propelled by a jet of water ejected from the craft. An external propeller is in the water behind the boat that draw water from under the boat through and intake.

Jet Boat Covers
Pontoon/Deck Boats

Accommodate spacious deck plans that are commonly used for large lounge areas. A distinguishing feature of pontoons are the bouyany metal "pontoons" in which it float upon.

Pontoon/Deck Boat Covers

Small motorboat commonly used for racing. Well-suited for fishing or water skiing and can hold several people.

Runabout Boat Covers
Wakeboard/Ski Boats
boat with cover on at dock

Exact Fit® Boat Covers

Westland has over 100 years of combined experience in the marine fabric industry. We only give the Exact Fit® name after our custom boat covers are measured, tucked, darted and approved by our pattern craftsmen. Our experience tells us the tighter the fit, the more protected your investment will be from the elements and during transportation. Westland proudly awards our Exact Fit® name to all of our Sharkskin and Sunbrella fabrics, which are patterned for over 150 boat manufacturers from our sister company Great Lakes Boat Top.

Select Fit™ Boat Covers

Westland is committed to providing high quality custom boat covers that fits every budget. Sharkskin & Sunbrella fabrics are all crafted available with the Select Fit name. Westland uses a rope instead of the stretch cord method, so you will rest assured that every boat cover you get from us will seal your boat up tight. Select Fit uses Westland’s 40 years of experience to provide a quality products at a lower price.

t-top boat cover


When will I get my order?

A: Your new Westland boat cover will ship from Brownsville, TX approximately 5 to 7 business days after your order has been processed. Our standard 3 to 5-day shipping is free through FedEx, or you can choose from the Express Saver, 2-Day, or Standard Overnight shipping options to receive your boat cover even sooner.

How long does it take to ship?

A: Westland is dedicated to providing you with short lead times, without sacrificing the high quality you expect from our products. Our extensive digital library of patterns helps us get your cover made quickly, while our state-of-the-art cut and sew canvas facility speeds up the process. Together, these resources allow us to get your new boat cover made and ready to ship in just 5 to 7 days.

Boat Cover Purchasing Questions

Do you make a cover for my boat?

A: Our extensive library of Exact Fit® custom boat covers includes high quality covers that are cut and patterned for more than 150 boat manufacturers. It also includes semi-custom Select Fit™ covers for over 37 unique boat styles. To find out whether we have an Exact Fit® or semi-custom cover for your boat, take advantage of our easy-to-use cover finders. Simply look up the make/model/year of your boat, or shop by boat style and use our measurement guide to find the cover you need.

Which covers are trailerable?

A: All Westland boat covers are sewn and reinforced to be trailerable with straps, with the exception of our drift, inflatables, and pontoon covers. The straps include a locking buckle mechanism that effectively ties down your boat cover for safety and reliability while you’re on the road. Straps are included on all of our Exact Fit® covers and are available for purchase with Select Fit covers as well.

man putting cover on boat
How do I measure for the right cover?

A: Measuring your boat for the right Westland cover is easy! Start with a straight-line measurement down the center of your boat, from bow to stern. Then, measure the beam width, or the widest point of your boat. Once you have your measurements, use our measurement guide to find the right cover for your boat. For runabout boats we take the drive type into consideration.

boat cover measurement guide
Does Westland make snap covers?

A: No. Instead of making snap covers, Westland secures all covers with a heavy duty unbreakable rope. If you are looking for an OEM replacement snap cover, you can take a look at our sister company, Great Lakes Boat Top. With over 60 years of experience in providing OEM replacement canvas, Great Lakes Boat Top can help get you what you need.

Why do I need a boat cover?

A: While many people may think a boat cover is an accessory, it’s actually a critical component to protecting and maintaining your boat, a significant financial investment. When you choose a high quality, properly-fitted boat cover, you’re going to be able to protect your boat from the elements during both trailering and storage. Since your boat will have the protection it needs to prevent things such as mold, fading, or scratches, it will prolong the life of your boat so you can keep it out on the water longer.

Quality covers like the hand-sewn, custom boat covers from Westland are designed to keep your boat safe from dust, debris, and harmful sun rays that could otherwise damage the interior by causing cracks or oxidation. They can also help keep bugs and animals out of your boat while it’s in storage and deter theft. By taking care of your boat with a boat cover, you can spend less time cleaning your boat, invest less money for things such as scratch or dent repairs, and keep resale value high.

What fabric choices are available?

A: Westland’s quality, handsewn covers are customizable to match the style you’re looking for and the durability you need. We offer premium Sunbrella® fabric and our in-house brand, Sharkskin Plus™ or Sharkskin Supreme™ and 35 different colors to match your boat and budget.

Boat Cover Care

Will my cover mildew?

A: Mold and mildew are an inevitable concern in marine environments. That’s why high-quality boat covers, like Westland’s, are made with naturally mildew-resistant fabrics and are designed to provide superior protection against these potentially damaging fungal infestations. Westland’s covers include sewn-in ventilation, an effective precautionary measure that cuts down on mildew build-up, and provides an escape route for moisture.

For an added level of protection, we also recommend using a boat cover support pole or HangTyte to prevent water pooling on the cover. Westland’s vented boat cover support poles help to prevent water formation, which can cause sagging and mildew. When properly cleaned and maintained, your Westland cover will provide effective protection for your boat, helping to prevent both mold and mildew to keep your boat looking great.

For more information about how to prevent fungal infestations, check out our blog.

How do I care for my cover?

A: Your Westland boat cover is made with high quality, mildew-resistant Sharkskin and Sunbrella fabrics, but mold and mildew are still inevitable in any marine environment. To keep your cover in top shape, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance. Using a cleaning solution and retreating with water repellant once a year will help you avoid mildew growth and more time-consuming cleanings down the road.

If you do find stains or signs of mildew, it’s important to take immediate action so they do not affect the integrity of your boat cover. To tackle them, you’re going to need a tough cleaning solution, which can easily be made from items you likely already have sitting at home. Certain stains may require different solutions, so be sure to check out our guide to make sure you are keeping your cover and boat safe.

sunbrella sharkskin logo

Boat Cover Quality

I see cheaper covers online. Why buy a Westland cover?

A: With many covers, what you see is what you get, but that isn’t the case with a Westland boat cover. We start with a solid foundation, high quality water-resistant polyester or acrylic material that offers good breathability and a long lifespan that makes the investment worth it. Unlike the cheaper covers you can find online, which are made of lightweight cotton-poly blend and nylon materials, your Sharkskin or Sunbrella Westland boat cover is going to have UV protection and fade resistance to make it last.

We focus on superior quality and value, so every boat cover is hand sewn and designed for a perfect fit. We sew in ventilation for water resistance to prevent the build-up of fungal infestations, such as mold and mildew. A cheaper cover just isn’t going to be able to deliver when it gets put to the test, but a Westland boat cover will. Learn more about what it takes to be the best boat cover.

red boat cover with jeep
How are the covers patterned?

A: Westland is the sister company of Great Lakes Boat Top, the OEM canvas replacement experts that make the original factory patterns for our Exact Fit® boat covers. Great Lakes Boat Top works directly with boat manufacturers to be able to create and provide original canvas for boat builders. We then take these patterns to create our custom and semi-custom aftermarket replacement canvas. With the canvas patterns from Great Lakes Boat Top, Westland is able to provide high quality Exact Fit® boat covers that offer both durability and reliable protection during trailering.

How durable is the fabric?

A: All of Westland’s custom boat covers are made from high quality, durable Sharkskin polyester or Sunbrella acrylic materials. These materials are the two most trusted and reliable fabrics known to withstand harsh marine and road conditions. With either option, you can travel worry-free knowing that your cover will keep your boat safe from the elements or winds on the road. We are confident your boat cover will perform for years to come, but if anything were to happen we stand by our warranties, including 3-year to 7-year warranties for Sharkskin covers and a 10-year warranty for Sunbrella covers.

Does the cover have any reinforcements?

A: All Westland covers are hand-sewn, which grants us the unique ability to add in extra layers of protection where it’s needed the most. Our custom boat covers have additional fuzzy reinforcements sewn in at critical points to help reduce the risk of tearing at typical wear points. These fuzzy reinforcements prolong the life of your cover while also protecting your boat from scratches caused by buckles and zippers.

boat cover reinforcement
How is the cover secured to boat?

A: Westland uses a heavy duty ¼” draw rope to achieve a tight fit with your cover, every time you use it. Unlike shock cord, which breaks down in the sun and can result in a ripped boat cover when you need it the most, the draw rope is going to maintain its integrity and keep your boat protected without loosening up with age or from the sun. This is just one of the many things Westland does to make sure you get a high quality, durable boat cover that you can rely on.

boat cover rope