• UV Resistant Boat Cover Canvas
  • Vented Support Pole for Boat Cover
  • Vents in Mooring Cover
  • Boat Cover Secured with Rope
  • Reinforcement for Marine Canvas
  • Trailerable Boat Cover Straps

Custom Boat Covers by Westland®

Protect your investment with Westland’s collection of custom boat covers. Essential to increase the longevity of your boat, our quality boat covers will provide protection when you boat needs it most. Fend off harsh marine elements, wear and tear during transportation, and the sun’s rays with quality fabric. As always, “We’ve Gotcha Covered™”.

Westland’s boat covers are proudly handsewn with Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® marine fabrics. Make sure you select your boat, make and model in our Cover Wizard™ to ensure you will get that tight fit in an instant.

Boat Cover Finder - Westland Gotcha Covered Turtle

Cover Wizard™

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What Style is your Boat?

Center/Side Consoles

Single-decked and open hull boats with consoles located in the center or on the side. Consoles house all of the controls, like the radio and steering column.

Center/Side Console Boat Covers

Powerboats that provide ample room for passengers inside of the watercraft. Cruisers are designed for leisure use.

Cruiser Boat Covers
Cuddy Style Boats

Recreational boats with a small cabin on deck. These boats are not usually large enough to stand on and anglers sometimes use them as near-shore fishing boats.

Cuddy Boat Covers
Fishing Boats

Recreational fishing boat, these boats are used for in-shore or off-shore fishing. Specific types include bass boats, flats boats, and fish n' ski boats.

Fishing Boat Covers

Lightweight, yet stable, these boats are constructed with a solid hull and flexible tubes. Used for recreation or racing.

Inflatable/Dinghy Boat Covers
Jet Boats

Engineless boats that are propelled by a jet of water ejected from the craft. An external propeller is in the water behind the boat that draw water from under the boat through and intake.

Jet Boat Covers
Pontoon/Deck Boats

Accommodate spacious deck plans that are commonly used for large lounge areas. A distinguishing feature of pontoons are the bouyany metal "pontoons" in which it float upon.

Pontoon/Deck Boat Covers

Small motorboat commonly used for racing. Well-suited for fishing or water skiing and can hold several people.

Runabout Boat Covers
Wakeboard/Ski Boats

Exact Fit™ Boat Covers

Westland® has over 100 years of combined experience in the marine fabric industry. We only give the Exact Fit™ name after our custom boat covers are measured, tucked, darted and approved by our pattern craftsmen. Our experience tells us the tighter the fit, the more protected your investment will be from the elements and during transportation. Westland® proudly awards our Exact Fit™ name to all of our Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® fabrics, which are patterned for over 150 boat manufacturers from our sister company Great Lakes Boat Top.

Select Fit™ Boat Covers

Westland® is committed to providing high quality custom boat covers that fits every budget. Sharkskin™ fabrics are all crafted available with the Select Fit™ name. Westland uses a rope instead of the stretch cord method, so you will rest assured that every boat cover you get from us will seal your boat up tight. Select Fit™ uses Westland’s 40 years of experience to provide a quality products at a lower price.

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