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Whether your jet boat is an aluminum rig or a fiberglass runabout, we’ve gotcha covered.

Jet boats come in two very different styles: aluminum outboard-powered jets with V-shaped bows and steering stations behind a windshield (commonly used in rivers), and fiberglass runabouts (designed for enjoying watersports). In order to best fit each, we’ve created Select Fit covers that are fitted in very different ways.

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First, the commonalities: all of our jet boat covers – in fact all Westland™ Select Fits – are reinforced in critical areas like the point of a bow, around transom corners, and where they meet the windshield. All have sewn-in webbing loops, as well as a draw chord to cinch them down tight and keep them that way even in heavy winds. For the best possible ventilation and protection from pooling and sagging, they also come with both sewn-in vents and a vented support pole. And to ensure a long life they’re crafted from top-notch Sharkskin™ or Sunbrella® fabrics; you can learn more about these materials (as well as a number of important details that should play a role in your choice of boat covers) by reading our article Which is the Best Boat Cover?

So, how do our jet boat covers differ? Those intended for use with the aluminum river boat genre have a sharper bow section, and can fit over a full windshield or a console with a windshield. They’re also available in a wide range of sizes (17’6” to 22’5”) and in one-foot increments. The covers made for runabout-style jet boats, on the other hand, are made to fit their sleeker, more rounded lines and come in the size ranges more common to this type of boat, from 13’6” to 20’5”. Again, they’re available in one-foot increments to fit your boat as well as is possible; many other boat covers are only available in two- or three-foot increments.

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We’ve covered countless jet boats of differing styles, so we’re confident that one of these covers will be your best bet. Our Cover Wizard and Shop By Boat Style options should make the choice easy, but if any doubts remain as to how to choose the best fitting cover for your boat, call our customer service line at 1-800-835-7992 or send us an email at customerservice@westlandcovers.com.

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