Wakeboard and Ski Boat Covers From Westland

Select Fit Covers for Wakeboard and Ski Boats

Your wakeboard or ski boat deserves the best protection possible, so make sure you get a cover that fits it as perfectly as possible.

Anyone who loves watersports knows that wakeboard and water ski boats can be quite expensive, and anyone who loves boats knows that the best way to protect them from weathering is with a high-quality cover that fits properly. But there are many different makes, models, and varieties of wakeboard and water ski boats out there. If the one you own is in our Cover Wizard’s digitized database, you can get a custom cover for it that’s patterned for the specific model. If not, don’t merely settle for a one-size-fits-all type of cover, as these usually don’t fit any specific boat particularly well. Especially when it comes to watersports boats equipped with towers and/or sport arches, choosing blindly can lead to disaster. Instead, ensure a premium fit by searching our Select Fit covers, which are broken down by the following boat styles.

Shop Covers for Wakeboard and Ski Boats

  1. Conventional Tournament Ski BoatConventional Tournament Ski Boat
  2. Conventional Tournament Ski Boat with TowerConventional Tournament Ski Boat with Tower
  3. Euro Tournament Ski BoatEuro Tournament Ski Boat
  4. Euro Tournament Ski Boat with TowerEuro Tournament Ski Boat with Tower
  5. Fish N' SkiFish N' Ski
  6. Low Profile Ski BoatLow Profile Ski Boat
  7. Tournament Ski Boat with Sport ArchTournament Ski Boat with Sport Arch
  8. V-Hull Sport ArchV-Hull Sport Arch
  9. Euro Tournament Ski Boat with Sport ArchEuro Tournament Ski Boat with Sport Arch

Conventional Tournament Ski Boat

These covers fit boats with both stern-drives and straight inboards or V-drives. If you have a traditional, tournament-style ski boat, this is the ideal cover for you.

Conventional Tournament Ski Boat with Tower

Obviously, fitting a boat with a tower can be tough. That’s where our long history making boat covers comes in handy. We’ve patterned so many ski boats with towers already that we knew just how large to make tower leg openings, so that our covers will fit the vast majority of the tower-equipped boats on the water. We then ensure an even better fit by including Velcro flaps and straps that close up the area around the tower legs.

Euro Tournament Ski Boat

While tournament ski boats and euro-styled tournament ski boats aren’t terribly dissimilar from one another, the curvaceous molded-in swim platforms found on the European variety are different enough that we developed this cover to specifically get the best fit possible.

Euro Tournament Ski Boat with Tower

Like our other versions designed for boats with towers, these covers are identical to those we make for Euro tournament ski boats but with openings for the tower legs.

Fish N’ Ski

This type of boat commonly has a bow-mounted trolling motor, an important consideration to take into account when designing a cover. Beyond this, they’re shaped to fit the common runabout-like profile of a Fish ‘N Ski. But remember that this type of boat usually has open bow and stern cockpits. This makes it as important as ever that the boat cover gets properly supported to prevent water from pooling – good thing for you Fish ‘N Ski owners that we include a standard vented support pole, with all Westland™ boat covers.

Low Profile Ski Boat

A number of watersports boats are built with a sporty, low-profile look, and these need covers designed to match their shape. Ours can accommodate boats with or without windscreens or windshields, as well as low-profile bowrails. They also come in both stern drive and outboard models, so you can choose which matches your rig.

Tournament Ski Boat with Sport Arch

Creating a boat cover than can work for a number of designs incorporating tow towers is tough, but doing the same for boats with sport arches mounted amidships is even tougher. For this genre of boat, we reposition the opening flaps and extend the size of the cut-out, so no matter where that tower sits the cover can accommodate it. And yes, of course the critical areas on these covers are reinforced – as they are on all Westland boat covers.

We hope that as you shop for a new boat cover you’ll research the ins and outs of different types, and we’d encourage everyone to check out our unbiased examination of this topic, in Which is the Best Boat Cover? If you still have questions about how to choose the best boat cover for your wakeboard or water ski boat, you can always call our customer service line at 800-835-7992, or send us an email at customerservice@westlandcovers.com.