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Finding the Best Cover for a Fishing Boat

There are countless varieties of fishing boats out there, so finding the best cover can be confusing. At least, it was until you landed on this web page! Your pride and joy deserves the best fishing boat cover possible, right? Of course it does. But there are an awful lot of different fishing boats on the market, and an awful lot a one-size-fits-all covers that don’t really fit any one type of boat particularly well. That’s why we’ll start out by recommending you punch the make, model, and year of your boat into our “Cover Wizard”. This will allow you to find out if we have a custom pattern for your specific model boat. And if it’s not in there, don’t worry – our Select Fit covers are the next best thing to having a custom pattern! That’s because we don’t merely look at fishing boats as a whole, but instead break down fishing boats into 11 distinct categories, each with individual covers designed to fit the bill.

Shop Covers for Fishing Boats

  1. Aluminum Fishing BoatAluminum Fishing Boat
  2. Aluminum Jon BoatAluminum Jon Boat
  3. Bay FishermanBay Fisherman
  4. Conventional Bass BoatConventional Bass Boat
  5. Drift BoatDrift Boat
  6. Fish N' SkiFish N' Ski
  7. Flats BoatFlats Boat
  8. Pro Bass BoatPro Bass Boat
  9. V-Shaped Jon BoatV-Shaped Jon Boat
  10. V-Shaped Jon Boat with Center ConsoleV-Shaped Jon Boat with Center Console
  11. WhalerWhaler
  12. Bay Fisherman T-TopBay Fisherman T-Top

Aluminum Fishing Boats

Our aluminum fishing boat covers are fitted to match traditional V-hull style aluminum boats, but since many boats of this type have folding seats and low center or side consoles, we also make accommodations for these features. On top of that, the cover gets reinforced at the bow and transom corners, which can be rather sharp (and tough on a boat cover) with this type of fishing boat.

Aluminum Jon Boats

If your fishing boat is an aluminum Jon Boat, rest easy – their squared off bow and low-profile seats and consoles actually make them a relatively easy fit. We should note however, that unlike many boat covers that claim to be semi-custom, ours are available in one-foot increments. Many of our competitors only offer covers in two foot, or sometimes even larger, increments.

Bay Fisherman

These boats commonly have a lower profile than many other types of fishing boats, and often have squared or flared V-shaped bows. So the covers we make for them fit (and are also reinforced at) that wider bow. Since boats of this style may also have low-profile bow rails, the covers we’ve designed for them fit over rails up to six-inches high.

Conventional Bass Boats

Like their speedy brethren the Pro Bass Boats, conventional bass boats tend to be low in profile and usually have a bow-mounted trolling motor. But as far as boat covers go, that’s where the similarities end. Conventional bass boat covers need to accommodate the more squared-off bow common to aluminum and/or tri-hull designs. And with this type of boat, the bow and stern corner reinforcements we add are absolutely critical.

Drift Boats

These are actually some of the easier boats for us to fit, because the drift boat’s up-swept bow and stern design hasn’t changed for many years. We do, however, size these covers to ensure they’ll go over drift boats with folding or low-profile seats mounted inside.

Fish ‘N Ski

This is another style of boat that commonly carries a bow-mounted trolling motor, so again, we account for it when designing Fish ‘N Ski covers. They’re also shaped to fit the common runabout-like profile of a Fish ‘N Ski. Also, remember that this type of boat usually has both an open bow, and an open stern cockpit. This makes it as important as ever that the boat cover gets properly supported to prevent water from pooling up. Good thing for you Fish ‘N Ski owners that we include a standard vented support pole, with all Westland boat covers.

Flats Boats

These models can be tricky to fit with a semi-custom boat cover, and we’ve made several modifications to make sure our Flats Boats covers do the job! First, we make room for a bow-mounted trolling motor, which is common on this type of boat. Second, these covers are designed to include a poling platform of up to 40 inches on the aft deck. Obviously, this is an important item to plan for when fitting a cover. Also, remember that shorter platforms that are shorter than 40 inches don’t create any problems, as this measurement merely denotes the maximum height the cover can handle while still effectively protecting the rest of the boat.

Pro Bass Boats

Pro Bass boats are a distinct breed, with a very unique shape. These boats are low-slung, usually have multiple folding seats, bow-mounted trolling motors, and small raked windscreens at the helm and/or passenger’s console. Do you think we account for all of these traits in out Pro Bass Boat covers? You bet we do.

V-Shaped Jon Boats with Center Consoles

Our fishing boat covers for this type of craft allow for consoles up to 30 inches above deck level. Plus, this style of boat often has a bow-mounted electric trolling motor, so in this case our covers are fitted and reinforced to allow for them. They’re also designed to wrap snugly around the relatively sharp and often flared bow common to V-shaped boats of this genre.

V-Shaped Jon Boats

Some other cover manufacturers might try to sell you the same cover for V-shaped jon boats with and without center consoles, but not Westland. We have a distinctly different cover for this type of boat, outfitted with a low-slung side console.

Whaler Boat Covers

These are designed to fit common Whaler-style center consoles, ranging in size from 10 to 19 feet. Our covers for these boats are also designed specifically to fit the rounded bows and fairly tall rails (up to 18 inches high) usually seen on Whaler-style boats.

For more information on the important details you should consider before purchasing any boat cover, be sure to read “Which is the Best Boat Cover?” And if you still have any questions about how to choose the best boat cover for your fishing boat, call our customer service line at 800-835-7992 or send us an email at

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