Pontoon & Deck Boat Covers

Select Fit Boat Covers for Pontoon and Deck Boats

There’s a Select Fit boat cover designed exactly for your style of pontoon boat or deck boat.

Creating the best boat cover for a pontoon boat or deck boat isn’t as simple as one might think. These boat styles come in many different shapes and sizes, some have consoles with windshields and others don’t, many have extended swim platforms, and they may be powered by either outboards or stern drives. All of these details come into play, when designing a boat cover.

Ideally, you may be able to find one of our Exact Fit® Covers in our Cover Wizard, which is designed for your specific boat model and come with our 100-percent fit guarantee. The next best way to fit your boat as closely as possible is with a Select Fit cover.

Shop Covers for Pontoon and Deck Boats

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Choose wither you need a Pontoon Boat or Deck Boat cover. From here our Cover Finder allows you to choose a specific cover by size – and remember, to get the very best fit for your boat Westland™ covers are available in one-foot increments, which many other cover manufacturers can’t offer. Beyond that, note that our pontoon boat covers are fitted to accommodate models in both stern drive and outboard configurations, with and without windshields. And deck boat versions are made to also cover extended swim platforms. Both are shaped to accommodate the wide variety of layouts and furnishings found on these types of boats – which are some of the toughest to match, by the way, thanks to the wide varieties found on the market.

Each of these designs take stress points into account, and we add reinforcements in several high-stress areas including at the bow, stern corners, and windshields or windscreens. Naturally these can differ quite a bit depending on whether you have a pontoon or a deck boat, which is why we categorize these styles individually. Either way, your boat cover comes with the usual Westland™ perks: a draw chord and sewn-in loops for securing the cover tightly around your boat, high-quality Sharkskin™ or Sunbrella&red; material, sewn-in vents to improve ventilation and prevent mildew, and a support pole with additional ventilation built-in. If any questions remain in your mind as to which cover is best for your boat, just call our customer service line at 800-835-7992 or send us an email at customerservice@westlandcovers.com.