Runabout Boat Covers

Select Fit Boat Covers for Runabouts

Runabouts come in all shapes and sizes, but whichever style you own, we’ve got a Select Fit cover to match it.

Runabouts are one of the most popular types of boats on the water, which is why we’ve designed a slew of different covers to match a number of different types. In fact, we have a huge database of specific makes and models, and we’d encourage you to see if your specific boat is in our Cover Wizard. If it is, you can choose an Exact Fit® cover that’s digitally patterned to mate the boat perfectly. And if it isn’t, the next best way to get an ideal fit is to shop our different runabout covers by boat style.

Shop Covers for Runabouts

  1. Conventional V-Hull RunaboutConventional V-Hull Runabout
  2. Euro V-Hull RunaboutEuro V-Hull Runabout
  3. Euro V-Hull Runabout with TowerEuro V-Hull Runabout with Tower
  4. Tri-Hull BoatTri-Hull Boat

Conventional V-Hull Runabouts

This style is intended to fit the sporty and relatively low profile of both open bow runabouts (like bowriders) and closed-bow boats. It’s able to accommodate boats with no bow rails or low-slung rails up to 10 inches tall. It’s also reinforced for the squared glass windshields commonly found on conventional V-hull runabouts.

Euro V-Hull Runabouts

Many cover manufacturers wouldn’t distinguish between Conventional and Euro styles, but we do to make sure we give you the best possible fit. In this case, that means accounting for a Euro-style integrated swim platform, a rounded windshield, and lower, sleeker bowrails (up to three inches in height).

Euro V-Hull Runabout with Tower

Obviously, if your runabout has a tow-sports tower you need a cover designed to accommodate it. While these covers are otherwise shaped the same as our Euro V-Hull Runabout covers, they have openings (which secure with Vercro flaps and straps) that fit around tower feet mounted to the top of the boat’s gunwales.

Tri-Hull Boats

Many runabouts utilize a tri-hull design, which has a much wider, broader bow. We shape this cover to fit that bow.

Also note that since runabouts are built with both stern drives and outboards, we create covers to match one or the other. You choose which is right for your boat in the Cover Finder, where you also can opt for the appropriate length and beam. And remember: our covers are made in one-foot increments. Shop around, and you’ll see that many others only come in two- or even four-foot increments, which is likely to produce an inferior fit. Speaking of inferior – before you settle on a cover also make sure you don’t get saddled with one that’s made from anything less than a material like Sharkskin™ or Sunbrella® (yes, those are the ones we use) or it won’t last very long. Other key points to remember to look for include ventilation (our covers have vents sewn in and come with a vented support pole), and security (Westland™ covers come with a draw cord and sewn-in loops). If any questions remain in your mind just call our customer service line at 800-835-7992 or send us an email at We’re always happy to help you get the best boat cover fit possible!