Inflatable and Dinghy Boat Covers

Select Fit Boat Covers for Inflatables and Dinghies

If you own an inflatable or a dinghy, the best way to keep it protected is with a Westland™ Select Fit cover.

Inflatable and dinghy boats may be small, but that doesn’t mean they’re inexpensive. Nor are they any less susceptible to the ravages of UV light, rain, snow, and general weathering, than other types of boats. In fact, it’s even more imperative to protect inflatable boats, particularly from the sun, because the materials they’re made with aren’t quite as hardy as solid fiberglass.

The good news is that we’ve gotcha covered, with a Westland™ Select Fit boat cover. We’ve been making covers for inflatables and dinghies for decades, and have all the kinks worked out when it comes to getting the best fit possible. In fact, we have this line of covers broken down in four categories that will almost certainly fit the bill for your needs.

Shop Covers for Inflatable and Dinghy Boats

  1. Fiberglass DinghyFiberglass Dinghy
  2. Inflatable Blunt NoseInflatable Blunt Nose
  3. Inflatable Sport BoatInflatable Sport Boat
  4. WhalerWhaler

Fiberglass Dinghy

If your dinghy has a squared bow, like most, then this style is the clear choice. And no matter how small or large it may be we have the cover to fit, ranging from a mere 7’6” all the way up to 14’5”.

Inflatable Blunt Nose

Inflatable boats with a rounded, blunt bow are the most common we see, and we’ve got fitting these down to a tee. Note that with this style of boat many people remove the small, portable outboards often used to power them at the end of the day, while some other folks leave them in place. So we designed this style of cover to accommodate a bare transom or a small outboard, in the tilted position.

Inflatable Sport Boat

Many sportier designs made these days have sharper bows, so we developed a cover to fit inflatables with more of a V-hull sport boat design. Again, this model can accommodate boats with or without small outboards.

Whaler Boat Covers

These are designed to fit the common Whaler-style center consoles from 10 to 19 feet, with their rounded bows and fairly tall rails (up to 18 inches high).

Like all the covers we make, those intended to fit inflatables and dinghy boats are reinforced in stress points, include sewn-in webbing loops, are made with Sharkskin™ or Sunbrella® fabrics, come with a vented support pole to prevent water from pooling and mildew from forming, and have a draw chord to cinch them down tight. If you have any questions about which cover is best for your boat, give us a call on our customer service line at 800-835-7992 or send us an email at