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Select Fit Center Console Boat Covers

Select Fit™ boat covers are designed specifically for center console boats of several styles, shapes, and sizes. Which is the best center console boat cover for the boat you own? If your model has been patterned by Westland™ and we have an Exact Fit® cover made specifically for it, this choice is easy. But there are countless different shapes, styles, and sizes of center console boats on the water. And if the model you own isn’t in our database (which probably means it isn’t in anyone else’s), the next best thing is a Select Fit™ boat cover.

Remember that our semi-custom Select Fit™ covers are constructed with the same high-quality Sunbrella®, Sharkskin Supreme™, or Sharkskin Plus™ materials as our Exact Fit® covers. They have two sewn in vents to help prevent mold and mildew and each cover also comes with a free vented support pole that keeps the water from pooling on your boat cover. What’s just as important, however, is that we take care to create center console boat covers that are designed specifically for your style of boat. Select Fit™ covers designed for all center consoles have darting around the console area and reinforcing for the windshield, for example. But beyond these details, we also break center consoles down into several individual styles that help us better fit your boat – and help you choose the best center console boat cover for your specific model.

Shop Covers for Center Console Boats

  1. Bay Fisherman T-TopBay Fisherman T-Top
  2. Bay FishermanBay Fisherman
  3. Center Console with Bow RailsCenter Console with Bow Rails
  4. Center Console without Bow RailsCenter Console without Bow Rails
  5. Center Console T-Top with Bow RailsCenter Console T-Top with Bow Rails
  6. Center Console T-Top with Bow Rails with Dual EnginesCenter Console T-Top with Bow Rails with Dual Engines
  7. Center Console T-Top without Bow RailsCenter Console T-Top without Bow Rails
  8. Center Console T-Top without Bow Rails with Dual EnginesCenter Console T-Top without Bow Rails with Dual Engines
  9. Flats BoatFlats Boat
  10. V-Shaped Jon Boat with Center ConsoleV-Shaped Jon Boat with Center Console
  11. WhalerWhaler

Bay Fisherman Center Consoles

This style has a lower profile than many other types of center console boats. They also tend to have squared or flared V-shaped bows, so we design this cover to fit that wider radius and then reinforce it, both at the stern corners and at the bow. Since boats of this genre often also have low-profile bow rails, we’ve designed these covers to accommodate rails up to six-inches high, as well.

Center Consoles with Bow Rails

High bow rails obviously require a cover to be fitted a bit differently. In this case, we created a cover that can handle bow rails up to 15 inches high. As with most of our Center Console covers, they’re designed to accommodate a standard-sized console up to 30 inches off the deck.

Center Consoles Without Bow Rails

These are our covers designed to fit a standard-issue center console boat with, a standard-sized console up to 30 inches off the deck but also, has no bow rails mounted on the boat.

Flats Boats

These are some of the trickier models to fit, and we’ve made several modifications to make sure our Flats Boats covers securely protect your fishing machine. First, we make accommodations for a bow-mounted trolling motor, which is common on this type of boat – and can ruin the fit of a cover that’s not semi-customized specifically to account for it. Second, these covers are designed to include a poling platform of up to 40 inches on the aft deck. Again, this is obviously an important item to plan for when fitting a cover. Also note that shorter platforms are okay (the cover will simply come down farther on the back of the boat) and 40 inches is just the maximum.

V-Shaped Jon Boats with Center Consoles

This is another style of boat that often has a bow-mounted electric trolling motor, so again, in this case our covers are fitted and reinforced to allow for them. They’re also designed to wrap snugly around the relatively sharp and often flared bow common to V-shaped boats.

Whaler Boat Covers

These are designed to fit the common Whaler-style center consoles from 10 to 19 feet, with their rounded bows and fairly tall rails (up to 18 inches high).

As you look through our Style Selector to try to find the select the best center console boat cover for your specific boat, remember that once you narrow it down by style, you’ll need to further focus in by adjusting for length and beam. You can also try using our “Cover Finder” to select by the make, model, and year of your boat. This has the added advantage of alerting you to the availability of an Exact Fit® cover if we have that specific model in our database, and then thus, letting you choose between the Exact Fit® and Select Fit® options. If there are still any doubts in your mind, just call our customer service line at 800-835-7992 or send us an email at

Finally, remember that regardless of which of these covers you choose, all are constructed in one-foot increments (while many competitor’s covers are made in two- or even four-foot increments) to ensure the most exact fit possible. Because that’s what we’re all about here at Westland: providing you with the best center console boat cover available, period.

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