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Cruiser Boat Covers

If you’ve invested in a cruiser you want to make sure that investment is protected, and choosing a Select Fit™ cover from Westland™ is the best bet. Boat covers designed for cruisers need to take a number of specific details into account to achieve a snug fit and ensure the best protection of your boat investment! Naturally, the very best fit can only be accomplished with a custom cover that’s based on the specifications of your exact model boat – which is exactly what you get with our Exact Fit® covers. But there are thousands of different models of cruisers cruiser models out there, and they won’t all be in our Exact Fit® database (even though it’s as comprehensive as it gets, thanks to the relationship with our sister company Great Lakes Boat Top, which has patterns for over 150 boat manufacturers).

The next best way to get as exact a fit as possible is to check out our Select Fit™ covers, which are designed to fit specific types of cruisers in a more universal manner.

Euro Cruisers

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Euro Cruisers

Euro cruisers generally have a tall profile, and need a cover fitted to match! They generally have integrated swim platforms, bow rails up to 30-inches high and curvaceous windshields. All of these details need to be accounted for in order for a cover to fit securely. We do account for them, as well as adding reinforcements in high-stress areas like the bow, the corners of the transom transom corners, and windshields.

Euro Cruisers

Offshore Day Cruisers

These low-slung and sleek boats are quite different from other forms of cruisers, as they’re speed boats at heart and are relatively narrow, don’t have bowrails, and sometimes don’t even have windshields so much as low-profile wind deflectors. Naturally, we create Select Fit covers to match this profile, and our Offshore Day Cruiser covers are fitted to accommodate boats with or without windshields.

Offshore Day Cruisers

V-Hull Cruisers

Often called “cabin cruisers,” these boats share the higher profile of Euro Cruisers but they have squared-off windshields, and often don’t have a swim platform that’s molded in as part of the hull. As one might expect, with a v-hull design it’s absolutely critical to have the part of the cover that comes in contact with the windshield reinforced. So we reinforce a broader area than usual with this style of boat to make sure that whatever model you have and wherever the windshield is placed, we’ve got you covered.

V-Hull Cruisers


While there are a lot of things to think about when you are considering everything you will need/want for your cruiser, it is incredibly important that you have a proper-fitting boat cover. There are some things to consider when choosing a cruiser cover.


If you want to protect the investment you have made in your boat, a cover is essential. Not only do covers protect your boat from debris, insects, and damage, but also the sun's harmful UV rays and all types of weather. Without proper protection, it is likely that your boat’s upholstery will end up having mold and mildew, or becoming dried out and starting to crack. This causes your boat to age faster, giving you less “bang for your buck”. Having a proper-fitting boat cover will help increase the longevity of your boat and help protect the electrical components.


Before choosing which boat cover is right for you there are a few considerations that are essential to ensure you are getting a boat cover that will protect your cruiser boat. One consideration is the fit. Westland offers Select Fit® and Exact Fit® boat covers, so you are guaranteed the best possible fit for your boat. Another consideration is what fabric the boat cover is made out of. You need to make sure that it is a protective fabric - water resistant and protective from the sun's UV rays - while also allowing your boat to breathe. A couple examples of durable, high-quality fabric for boat covers are Sharkskin® and Sunbrella®.

Cruisers specifically also have some unique features that have to be taken into consideration when creating a boat cover for them. Most cruisers have a tall profile, swim decks, high bow rails, and windshields. Westland ensures to take all of these features into consideration when creating a cover for a cruiser boat, ensuring a proper fit. It may seem like a bigger investment up front for a high-quality boat cover, but we guarantee you will be thankful for choosing a boat cover that fits properly and will protect your boat.


Our Style Selector will help you narrow down your search, and find the best boat cover for your cruiser. As you select length and beam, remember that our covers are made in one-foot increments (many others only come in two- or even four-foot increments) to ensure the best fit possible. And searching through our Cover Finder, which identifies your boat by make, model, and year, will also let you know if we have an Exact Fit® cover available for your boat. Still not sure how to pick the very best boat cover? Then call our customer service line at 800-835-7992 or send us an email at customerservice@westlandcovers.com. We're always happy to talk, because our main mission is making sure you find the ideal boat cover at the right price – and if we can help make it happen, we will!

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