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The Best Boat Covers are Crafted with Expertise

The Best Boat Covers are Crafted with Expertise
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Behind-the-scenes at Westland®, there is a team of experts who work together to provide the best boat covers in the marine canvas industry. Westland has over 100 years of combined experience which is utilized in original boat cover designs. Westland views creating the best boat cover as a talented art, so there is a training process in place for apprentice sewers and pattern craftsman to learn from the masters. Westland passes down this art form while staying on top of the latest technology to ensure “We’ve Gotcha Covered™” with the best boat covers for generations.

Senior level pattern craftsman, master sewers, and designer OEM engineers unite to contribute to the designs of Westland’s Select Fit™ and Exact Fit® boat covers. Westland not only has OEM design engineers train our pattern craftsman, we are in the heart of the marine canvas industry, which puts Westland in the midst of OEM companies, like Sea Ray.

making a boat cover

Cutting and sewing is a time-honored art that Westland pairs with the latest in technology. With the help of sister company, Great Lakes, Westland is a leading purchaser of Sunbrella marine canvas, which is darted, cut, and hand sewn in North America.

sewing together a boat cover

Westland craftsman are all trained to utilize CAD technology, which works by digitally patterning a boat from a CAD file provided by the OEM supplier.

CAD Technology highlights where darts need to go, and then Westland’s team of master sewers overlock darts and lock stitch with UV-resistant thread for cover longevity. Westland boat covers achieve a “fit like a glove” design by using technology that patterns a cover for your exact boat.

CAD layout for a boat cover

The latest technology coupled with Westland boat cover artisans yields a long-lasting cover that effectively protects the interior and exterior of boats. Small aspects of the best boat cover proves, We’ve Gotcha Covered™.

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