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Boat Covers vs. Specialty Covers - Which is Right for You?

Boat Covers vs. Specialty Covers - Which is Right for You?
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Boats are often a significant investment, so at Westland we know how important it is to keep them protected. Whether you are storing, mooring, or trailering your boat, a boat cover is an absolute must-have. In this article we’ll discuss why boat covers are necessary and how you can find the best cover for your boat.

Do you need a boat cover?

If you aren’t already using a boat cover, you may be thinking that your boat is protected well enough because you store it in something like a garage or under a covered structure. While this is still an important step to keeping your boat safe, this precaution alone will not keep it protected from things like dirt, dust, or animals that can find their way on board.

Boat covers are a must-have solution for keeping the interior of your boat safe, no matter where it is.

With the right boat cover (we’ll go over what we mean by that in the following sections), you can feel confident that your boat’s interior will be shielded from the elements, like sun or rain, and debris that may otherwise collect while your boat isn’t in use. Consistently covering your boat will help keep it safe from sun damage, mold, and mildew, ultimately extending your boat’s life span.

How does a boat cover work?

When we talk about boat covers, in general, we are referring to what is known as a traditional mooring cover. These covers stretch and cover the entire interior of your boat. By covering the most crucial components of your boat, a boat cover protects upholstery from fading and cracking, prevents mold and mildew from rain or debris accumulation, and helps deter animals that can cause damage. To use them effectively, you need to choose a cover that is made to fit taut over your boat’s interior, and cover your boat consistently while storing, mooring, and trailering. When used properly, you’ll quickly find that boat covers are more than just a piece of fabric that goes over your boat, both in terms of what is available and how they are made.

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Which type of boat cover do you need?

The best boat cover is one that is custom made for your boat from marine fabrics. Quality, breathable fabric paired with stretch cord or rope offers the best results for both storage and transportation. This applies to all types of covers, from traditional mooring covers to specialty and accessory covers.

For general use, you will likely need a traditional mooring cover. This will be your go-to cover any time your boat is being trailered or stored. High quality traditional mooring covers are designed to have a snug fit that suits the exact specifications of your boat. This ensures that the cover stays in place and offers maximum protection to keep the interior clean and out of the elements.

To meet a wider variety of boat cover needs, you may want to consider specialty and accessory covers. These can offer more flexibility and target specific needs or areas of concern. You may even find that it’s worthwhile to pair an accessory cover with your mooring cover to ensure all aspects of your boat are well protected.

Specialty and Accessory Covers

  • Center Console Covers are convenient and affordable daily use covers that protect your boat’s essential electronics, gauges, and equipment. By protecting the center console’s critical components from environmental hazards, you can keep your boat in ideal working condition.
  • T-top Console Covers and Extend the Shade Covers also protect your boat’s center console but are specifically designed to work cooperatively with an existing t-top canopy. A t-top console cover works by attaching to the underside of your t-top and draping over the center console. Extend the Shade covers attach to a t-top and telescoping poles to stretch over a greater surface area of your boat to offer superior sun protection.
  • Motor Hood Covers keep outboard motors safe from the sun and rain while your boat is not in use. By protecting your motor from the environment, you can keep it in excellent working condition longer.
  • PWC Covers protect your jet ski from environmental hazards while storing or trailering.
  • Pedestal Boat Seat Covers protect your boat seat. These easy-to-use covers can be easily put on, taken off, and stored so you can conveniently shield your chair from the elements. For ideal protection, you can combine a pedestal seat cover with a center console cover.

Why choose a Westland boat cover?

Westland’s boat covers are made from < ahref="/fabric-options" target="_blank">high quality marine fabrics that are durable, stretchable, breathable, and resistant to environmental hazards. Our fabrics are specifically selected for their longevity and protective properties. When you choose a Westland boat cover, you are investing in a cover that not only blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays but is resistant to fading as well. With a Westland cover, you can feel confident that you are getting the best fit possible, as our covers come with adjustable draw ropes to offer a custom fit that provides optimal protection where it matters most.

Selecting the best cover for your boat is quick and easy with our Cover Wizard.

Still have questions? Contact us for help!

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