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Specialty Covers & Accessories Guide

Specialty Covers & Accessories Guide
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When you buy a boat, you are making an investment. Without any protection to keep your boat safe, your investment may then be put at risk. Storing your boat outside may result in weather damage or harm from the sun, rain, or dirt. Storing it inside may result in damage from mice or harm from dust collection over time. Either way, you do have the option to add a protective layer to help keep your boat safe for years to come – a boat cover.

Your boat should be covered with a boat cover any time it is not being used to keep it clean, safe, and protected from the elements. Even when you’re regularly using your boat, you might want to add some extra protection for the more delicate parts of your boat including your motor, center console, and pedestal seat. That is why we’ve created this buying guide to help you choose the Westland speciality cover that is right for your boat.

Center Console Covers

Your center console is home to vital controls for your boat and one of the most important things to protect. We have two console covers designed to keep your steering wheel, gauges, and other components safe from harm.

westland center console cover

The center console cover is an efficient solution for frequent boaters looking for added protection for their center console. It can be put on or taken off, folded, and stored quickly and easily when not in use.

westland t-top console cover

The t-top center console cover, on the other hand, is an ideal solution for those who have a t-top installed alongside their center console. This cover attaches to the underside of your t-top and keeps your center console protected from the elements. With adjustable straps, you have complete control over the fit to make it as secure as possible.

Both of Westland’s center console covers are available in multiple sizes, your choice of long-lasting Sharkskin® or Sunbrella® fabrics, and a variety of colors to perfectly complement your boat.

Motor Hoods

westland motor hood cover

Your boat’s motor is a huge investment and just as important to protect as your center console. Westland’s collection of customizable outboard motor hoods features Exact Fit™ to ensure the best fit possible to keep your motor safe.

Quality is key with our handsewn, customizable boat motor covers. Choose from Sharkskin® or Sunbrella® fabrics for a custom motor cover tailored to your needs.

westland pedestal seat cover

Boat seats are prone to cracking and fading when left out in the sun. Keep yours looking new with a boat seat cover handsewn with marine-grade fabric. Westland’s pedestal boat seat cover is easy to put on and take off, fold, and store so you can quickly get your boat ready to use or protect it when docked.

Our pedestal seat cover is available in multiple sizes, your choice of premium Sharkskin® or Sunbrella® fabrics, and a variety of colors to suit your preferences.

westland extend the shade t-top extension

Already have a t-top, but still wishing you had a little more shade? With quick and easy setup and installation Westland’s t-top extension is the perfect universal solution for shielding more of your boat from the sun while on the go.

Our t-top extension shade is made with premium, stretchy WeatherMax 3D fabric that is designed to withstand UV rays, resisting fading and installs easily with telescoping poles that fit into standard rod holders.

westland pwc cover

Your personal watercraft needs just as much protection as a boat, so we designed our jet ski covers with Exact Fit™ for a tight fit that will keep your PWC safe. With reliable rope and Sharkskin® or Sunbrella® marine fabric, Westland’s handsewn PWC covers are high-quality, durable protection solutions for storing and trailering.

Find Your Specialty Boat Cover

Whether you need protection for your center console, motor, boat seat, or jet ski, Westland has you covered. Our customizable boat covers are made to last with the best selection of marine-grade canvas and handsewn for unbeatable quality. To find the best fit for your boat, shop our selection of boat covers and accessories online or contact us so we can help.

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