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Covering Boats with Aftermarket Towers and T-Tops

Covering Boats with Aftermarket Towers and T-Tops
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Boat covers are an essential accessory for any boater, and if you’re considering adding an aftermarket wakeboard tower or t-top to your boat it’s important to take your cover into consideration. Once these new accessories are installed your current cover will no longer be able to effectively protect your boat, so you’ll need to begin the search for a new one that accommodates your tower or t-top.

The first step to selecting your new cover is to measure your boat for the best fitment. Following the guide below, it’s as simple as measuring the boat’s beam width (the widest point of your boat) and the centerline length (the length directly down the middle of the boat). Using these measurements along with the style of the boat, Westland’s Cover Finder is able to recommend the best fit for your newly upgraded vessel.

Choosing a Cover After Adding a Tower to Your Wakeboard/Ski Boat

If you’re a watersports lover, a wakeboard tower is likely on your wishlist. And once you finally get your perfect wakeboard tower installed, it’s time to consider the next step - a new cover for your boat.

wakeboard boat with westland boat cover

You’ll need to find a new cover that accommodates the legs of your new wakeboard tower while keeping the boat safe and protected from the elements. For the best protection, it’s important to find a cover that fits your boat’s size and curvature as closely as possible. That’s why Westland offers covers for nearly every style of wakeboard and ski boat patterned in one-foot increments (versus two- and even four-foot increments of competitors) to get the perfect fit every time!

Choosing a Cover After Adding a T-Top to Your Center Console Boat

A t-top is one of the most useful accessories you can add to a center console boat. It provides much-needed shade, storage, and stability for long days on the water. However, adding a t-top will require a change in your boat covering practices.

That’s why Westland developed the t-top console cover. This cover is specifically designed to protect the essential components in your center console as well as accessories that might be installed (like a leaning post, for example) from the elements and the sun’s damaging UV rays. These covers are designed to wrap completely around your center console and attach your t-top’s legs with heavy-duty buckles.

t-top with westland center console cover

T-Top Console Cover Features:

  • Offered in premium Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® fabric options
  • Available in two sized to fit any center console with a t-top
  • Adjustable straps allow you to tighten the cover as needed for a perfect fit
  • Keeping your console covered reduces damage from the sun’s rays and other weather, increasing the longevity of critical components

You’ll also need a more permanent boat cover for use in the off-season that accommodates your newly installed t-top. For that, Westland offers a full line of Select Fit center console boat covers. Our center console boat covers are offered in the same premium fabric options as the t-top console cover so you can find the perfect matching set.

center console boat with t-top cover

Like our wakeboard boat covers, Westland’s covers for center console boats are designed to accommodate every boat style and option including bow rails, dual engines, and most importantly - t-tops. The console will need to be located directly in the middle of the boat for the Select Fit Full Boat Cover to fit correctly.

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