Westland uses choice marine fabrics from Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® to hand sew their boat covers, motor cover hoods and bimini tops. Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® marine fabrics are built to last, but a little maintenance can keep them looking fresher for longer. Regularly hosing off your Sharkskin or Sunbrella® boat covers with clear water prevents dirt from embedding in the fabric. Keeping a consistent cleaning schedule will be a time saver for you by preventing the need for more frequent vigorous cleaning. Properly cared for boat covers only require deep cleaning every few years. Keep your boat cover fresh in between deep cleans with this monthly maintenance ritual.

Westland “Gotcha Covered™” with our Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® cleaning guide below.

Know the stain culprit? Take a look at our cleaning chart here.

How to Guide for Monthly Cleanings:

Monthly boat cover maintenance will save you time by preventing the need for a long, drawn out cleaning session. Bleach can be applied to Westland marine fabrics Find out how to clean with bleach here. Each month, make sure you clean your Westland boat cover with these simple steps:

  1. Brush off loose dirt

  2. brush dirt off boat cover

  3. Hose off

  4. hose off boat cover

  5. Prepare cleaning solution of water and mild soap. Woolite or Dawn works great.

  6. spray boat cover

  7. Apply your cleaning solution with a soft bristle brush

  8. clean boat cover with bristle brush

  9. Rinse thoroughly. You do not want to leave any soap residue behind.

  10. rinsing boat cover

  11. Air Dry

  12. air dry boat cover

    Learning how to clean your boat cover is essential to protecting your boat. A carefully maintained boat cover will increase the longevity of your boat, so make sure to incorproate these steps as a monthly routine.

    Pro Tip: Add Monofoil Marine to your monthly maintance schedule. Regular Monofoil use results in a quicker cleaning process and will protect your boat cover from mold and mildew. Find out how to use Monofoil here.