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How to Clean Your Westland Bimini Top

How to Clean Your Westland Bimini Top
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Westland® bimini tops are made with materials that can handle harsh marine elements. Bimini tops feature nylon or stainless steel fittings, strong aluminum tubing, and mildew-resistant Sharkskin® or Sunbrella® marine fabric. Westland® uses the best materials in the business, but by nature, neglected metal will rust and corrode. Dirt and dust will get embedded in your bimini top canvas, which becomes a breeding ground for mildew and mold. Avoid the inevitable problems that marine elements create with proper bimini top maintenance.

Continue reading to learn how to extend the life of your Westland bimini top or learn more about cleaning specific fabrics in our Sharkskin and Sunbrella cleaning guide

Aluminum and Stainless Steel Care

Wet environments can quickly age your bimini top if not taken care of properly. Salt environments are particularly harsh on the metallic frame, so when cleaning your bimini top, make sure to wash down with a garden hose to remove dirt from the stainless steel and aluminum. During rinsing, use a polish rated for chrome and follow with a fiber glass wax to help prevent corrosion or rust. Never use chlorinated or phosphorus cleaners, scouring pads, or powders, as these cleaners may etch or stain the aluminum tubing and fasteners. We recommend testing a small area before proceeding with any cleaner.

Westland recommends to tie down or fold your bimini top during trailoring. Even though Westland bimini tops are rated for speeds of 45 MPH on the water, they are not rated for the highway, so trailering with a deployed bimini can shorten its lifespan. Clean sand and other contaminants from your tracks to ensure your bimini top folds with ease.

Sharkskin® or Sunbrella® Fabric Care

Rinse your bimini as often as you would clean your boat. All polyester yarn is solution dyed before sewn, so frequent cleanings will not dull your bimini top’s vibrant color. Solution dyed yarn offers better steadfast colors that are more suited for outdoor use. Sharkskin® and Sunbrella® bimini tops are mildew-resistant, but dirt and dust can get embedded in fabric, which creates an ideal environment for mildew to grow. Rinsing your bimini top with clean water on a monthly basis will free dirt and dust from your top. Air dry your canvas and never put in a commercial dryer. Westland® bimini tops are made with UV resistant polyester, so air drying will not fade the canvas.

Monthly maintenance will increase the longevity of your bimini top, providing you shade for years to come. Invest in a bimini top and extend your time on the water!

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