FAQ Care & Maintenance How to maintain marine canvas

How to maintain marine canvas

The real key to canvas longevity is like all things in life, maintenance. Keep your canvas clean of dust, dirt and environmental residue on a regular basis. Top fabrics should be cleaned of any dirt buildup at regular intervals. We recommend applying a mild, lukewarm soap solution, such as a liquid dishwashing soap, with a soft brush or sponge. Water temperature is not to exceed 100°F. DO NOT allow the soap to dry. The fabric must then be carefully rinsed with clear water in order to remove any remaining soap residue. Allow canvas to dry thoroughly. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS! The use of abrasive detergents and/or substrates containing solvents or gasoline will damage the fabric. If using high-pressure or steam-cleaning devices, use caution as improper use could damage the vinyl coating and/or fabric. If your boat top is acrylic it will be necessary to retreat your top for water repellency. Be careful which solutions you use, as not all are recommended by the fabric manufacturer. Using harsh chemicals, etc could void the fabric warranty on your top if not recommended by the manufacturer. DO NOT PUT MARINE CANVAS IN WASHING MACHINE OR DRYER.

It is recommended to retreat your boat cover yearly as part of your routine maintenance with a water repellency product designed for the marine fabric applications.

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