Wet marine environments wage war on a boat’s canvas and interior. Westland can help you win the battle by conquering mold and mildew with the antimicrobial spray: Monofoil™. Making Monofoil™ a part of your regular boat maintenance routine will result in speedier cleaning and keep your boat free from barnacles. Monofoil™ is a green cleanser so it is safe for your boat’s interior and for use on our Sharkskin™ and Sunbrella® boat covers.

monofoil on boat dock

Monofoil™ antimicrobial spray is the only mechanically bound, non-leaching additive that provides unmatched safety and performance. MonoFoil™ antimicrobial spray has a new approach to eliminating microbial cells. MonoFoil™ physically punctures the cell membrane with its molecular "sword”, and then the microbe is drawn down on the "Sword", and electrocuted by the central atom.

Since it does not "poison" the offending microbe to kill it, this invisible “bed of nails” of non-leeching protection DOES NOT lose effectiveness like ALL other competing products. MonoFoil™ antimicrobial spray is engineered to provide your treated surfaces protection for 30 days or longer. Current disinfectants, cleaners and antimicrobial products utilize toxic chemicals to penetrate the microbe cells, thus poisoning the organism causing genetic changes in the bacteria that lead to “super bugs.” These products rid the surface of the germs, but they can re-grow in less than 30 seconds providing minimal protection. MonoFoil™ also removes organic odors, and eliminates and protects from virus, mold, mildew and other fungus.

Monofoil™ Antimicrobial spray creates a Non-Toxic, Non-Leaching, Non-Staining, GREEN, invisible Antimicrobial barrier. Once dried on the surface MonoFoil™ will not wash off even after being cleaned by another disinfectant. It can be applied by sponge, spray, mop, fog or dip.

This commercial level grade product is currently utilized in Hospitals, Universities, Medical laboratories, Janitorial Services, and the United States Military. This versatility makes MonoFoil™ perfect for multi-purpuse use on your boat's interior and exterior. Monofoil&trade Antimicrobial Spray is a natural molecule that is embedded in or coated on products. MonoFoil™ specifically creates a mechanical barrier, which prohibits the growth of a broad range of microorganisms. As a result, MonoFoil™ enables virtually every surface (treated article) to prevent the growth and over proliferation of many offending microbes long term. MonoFoil™ Technology will eliminate pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA, STAPH, E. Coli and black Mold. It will also form a permanent barrier to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria and other microbes such as fungi, algae, yeast and viruses.

Don’t believe Monofoil™ antimicrobial spray can do all of this? Take a look at this experiment!

  • We pulled the boat out of dry dock and completely cleaned the bottom of the boat
  • We then treated the Portside hull with Monofoil™ antimicrobial spray using a microfiber cloth. We left the Starboard hull untouched.
  • We used the boat for 2 months and docked.

These are the results:

Control Side (No Monofoil)

This side has bottom growth and barnacles attaching.

monofoil mildew test

Monofoil Side

This side has NO barnacles attached and minimal growth.

monofoil mildew test